Yoel's 1st Haircut!

This Lag Ba’omer, my family celebrated such an amazing event– the first haircut of our little Yoel! As our 1st boy after 4 girls, this was an especially exciting happening for all of us Weisbergs, big and small. And it was especially, super-duper exciting since the person doing the cutting was the Slonimer Rebbe Shlit”a!

Here’s a photo from this very very holy and unforgettable event…

In this photo, the Slonimer Rebbe Shlit”a gives Yoel a piece of marble cake and a dollar bill. He also gave little Yoel a big blessing the he should grow up to be a big Tsaddik and Torah Scholar and give his parents a lot of nachas- AMEN!

Seeing the new, post-haircut Yoel complete with his big-boy kippah, tsitsit, and peyot has been a bit of a shock, and also incredibly wonderful.

Yesterday in the park, a mother congratulated me on Yoel’s haircut.
“It’s amazing to see how now he looks like such a big boy!” I gushed.
And this mother, who is quite a bit younger than me- and wiser too, corrected me: “He doesn’t just look big now, he looks like a Jew!”

Twenty years ago, who would have ever dreamed that one day Bowdoin College sophomore Jenny Freedman would become the mother of a boy with a kippah, tsitsit, and peyot.

Thank you, G-d, for this miracle, for making me the mother of a son who looks like a Jew!

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  1. Elana Mizrahi

    MAZEL TOV!!!! Harbeh Nachas. Love, Elana

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