What Color is Hashem?


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My 3-year-old, Yoel, been asking some funny questions recently.

“How does a mouse go to the bathroom if he has a tail?”
“Bread comes from flour. Apples come from a tree. But where do people come from?”

And yesterday, Yoel’s stumper of the day was:
“Eema, what color is Hashem?”

I responded to Yoel with the feigned interest of a distracted eema: “Ummm…I Dunno…”
My bat mitzvah girl, Hadas, responded to Yoel with the rational response of a Rambamist: “Hashem isn’t any color!”
My kindergartner, Moriah, responded with the theological clarity of a budding mystic: “Hashem is white!”

And Yoel responded like Yoel.

He ascended to the playroom, and returned after 10 minutes with the answer to his question in hand and the declaration: “Hashem is this color!”


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  1. After a long discussion with my four year old about the non-corporeality of Hashem she was finally (it seemed) getting things straight in her mind:

    “Hashem doesn’t have a body?”

    “that’s right, no body”

    “And Hashem doesn’t have a head?”

    “Yup, no head”

    “You mean….. HASHEM’S JUST HAIR?!!!!!!”

    • jewishmoms

      thanks rachel, this story is totally hilarious! You can tell she is a budding philosopher, just like her mom!

  2. This is going to be a hilarious line of comments, I’m sure! My 4 yo daughter asked what color Hashem was and I said same as you Chana, “I don’t know.” but later when she asked again and I’d had time to prepare, I suggested “Maybe all colors.”
    Yesterday though came another stumper. Since Hashem is everywhere, was Hashem inside the TV show we were watching…

  3. Great story, Jenny!

    My kids haven’t asked about colors yet, but the other day my 2-year-old saw a picture of a turkey in a window, and he asked, “Ma ze?”

    To which my 3-year-old responded, “Ze hodu. Hodu laShem.”

    It’s so cool when you see the results of what you teach. It’s why we’re here.

  4. Hadassah Aber

    My favorite story along these lines was when I was in High School and my teachers son, who was about 2 1/2 answered when we asked him about the picture of Schneur Zalman of Liadi – the picture on the cover of the Tanya. “That’s Hashem.”

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