Please pray for Chaim Tzuriel ben Naomi

Please pray for Chaim Tzuriel ben Naomi.  Chaim Tzuriel is a 23-year-old father of two children who was badly burned and critically injured during a freak building accident in Israel.

Chaim Tzuriel is the brother of Morah Achinoam Sheintop, my daughter Hallel’s extraordinary 5th grade teacher. Morah Achinoam and Chaim Tzuriel are children of Rabbi Shachor, the rabbi of the settlement Maaleh HaLevona. They are a family on fire with love of Torah, love of the Land of Israel, and love of the entire Jewish people.

May Hashem bless him as well as Jewish moms Hagit bat Leah and Batya Shira bat Chasida with a speedy, complete and miraculous recovery!

Please read this psalm for their recovery:

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  1. רציתי לומר לך ולכל מי שהתפלל עלי תודה רבה !
    התפילות פעלו את פעולתן במרומים והיום ברוך ה’ אני בריא וכמעט שלם ומודה לה’ על כל שניה שאני חי!
    צוריאל שחור
    (חיים צוריאל בן נעמי)

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