How to Tell if you are Pregnant with a Boy or a Girl…

This is extremely fascinating stuff. The Motherlode Blog featured these findings from the newly-released book Origins: How the 9 Months before Birth Shape the Rest of our Lives by Annie Murphy Paul. Listen to this:

1. Boy Pregnancy vs. Girl Pregnancy Rule #1 = Girl Pregnancies mean more nausea

“Women who are pregnant with girls may indeed experience more nausea. … Several large investigations have found that women afflicted with severe morning sickness, called hyperemesis gravidarum, in the first trimester are more likely to be carrying a female fetus. Doctors, concluded one study, “can say with confidence to a woman who has hyperemesis gravidarum that she has a 55.7 percent chance of delivering a girl.” The sicker she is, the more likely this is to be true: a 2004 study by epidemiologists at the University of Washington found that women who were extremely ill — hospitalized for three days or more — had odds of having a girl that were 80 percent higher than those of women who did not experience severe nausea. A hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin may be to blame: female fetuses produce more of it than males.”

2. Rule #2= During Boy Pregnancies Moms-to-Be Eat More

Obstetricians have long known that boy babies tend to be bigger than girl babies at birth, by an average of 3.5 ounces. But they weren’t sure how this difference came about. A 2003 study tracked the diets of more than 300 women receiving prenatal care at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. Women who were pregnant with boys consumed about 10 percent more calories than those who were pregnant with girls — more protein, more carbohydrates, and more fats, adding up to about 200 extra calories per day. Testosterone secreted by fetal testicles, the researchers speculate, could be sending mothers a signal to eat more. (Another possibility occurs to me: perhaps women who learn they’re carrying male fetuses are already obeying the cultural dictate to feed growing boys.)

Rule #3 = If you Have a Feeling that you’re having a boy or a girl, you’re probably right…

… one small but intriguing study found that, “contrary to expectations,” women who rely on dreams and emotions to guess their babies’ sex have a surprisingly good chance of being correct. Among a group of 45 well-educated pregnant women — all of whom had chosen not to learn fetal sex from prenatal tests — 17 said they had a “feeling” about whether their fetus was male or female, and 13 were right. Eight of the women reported having a dream about their fetus’s sex, and every single one of them was on the money. “It is always possible that this was a spurious finding,” acknowledged the authors, from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland. “It is equally likely that there is simply much about the maternal-fetal connection that we do not know.”

JewishMOMs what do you think of these 3 “rules”? I agree with the nausea one. I was less nauseous with my one boy pregnancy. But I think I actually ate less and gained less weight when I was pregnant with him than with my girls when I generally totally blimped out…Do these findings sound accurate to you?

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  1. I have had HG with all 3 pregnancies and it was worst with my boys (by far!) I ate the least and weighed the least during my last boy pregnancy. And I am never right in what I think I am having. 3 for 3 wrong for me lol

  2. I vomited with the girls and had nausea without vomiting with the boys. And I was always accurate with my feeling: until my last pregnancy when I had a reason to want one gender over the other. Then I had the symptoms and gut feeling of the gender I wanted because I wanted it so badly, but that wasn’t what the baby was, it was what my mind wanted!
    So I think these rules are only true most of the time (in my case, 4/5)!

  3. I don’t know about girl pregnancies because i have only boys.
    The first time i was 100% positive i would have a boy (i kept preparing myself psychologically not to be disapointed if it was a girl!), an dthe second time even though i very much wanted a girl i had a feeling it was a boy – so i wasn’t surprised when he was born…

  4. I had hyperemesis during my pregnancy with my son. My midwife did tell me (and your post reflects) that the odds are greater for a girl if you have hyperemesis, but it’s not proof-positive.

  5. can’t say that any of the bubbe-maasehs or the doctors’ studies were right for me.
    i was told that hairy babies caused heartburn. all 10 of my babies were basically bald and i suffered terrible heartburn.
    i was told that girl babies caused more nausea. i had nausea with the last 7 pregnancies, and the first two were a girl and a boy.
    i was told that since i would gain more weight with a boy, but only gained “water weight” with the second pregnancy (a boy). after that, i got compression stockings and i didn’t gain much with the following pregnancies (two boys and 6 girls). then again, i had such horrible heartburn that i could barely eat anything anyway….
    as for dreams, i had definite feelings about two of my pregnancies. i dreamed about having a boy twice. both times, one of my grandmothers passed away while i was in the third trimester, and i ended up having girls…… may draw your own conclusions…

  6. the studies are interesting, but obviously not so telling. for example, a woman with hyperemesis has a 55.7% of having a girl, which means also a pretty big chance of having a boy! the difference is so slight that you really cant tell…

    with each pregnancy i am nauceous/vomiting (not as bad as hyperemisis though), but interestingly crave something different which i honestly think has a relationship with the childs’ personality: for example goat cheese (he is now very connected to nature and animals), jalapenos (her gannenet named her pilpel because of her fiery personality), and red meat (we will see about this one!)

  7. I have a very intereting story: on my first pregnancey I had a feeling I will have a girl. I knew my huband’s family wanted us to have a boy to they can have “Pidion haben”. (3 previously married siblings had girls first)
    So I davined for a boy – and my inner feeling completely changed. From then I was sure I had a boy
    End of story: I had a boy, but it was a cesarian – so no Pidion for us…

    BTW – in the following pregnancies I knew what I would have both times. sort of an inner feeling.

  8. Whatever, it’s lots of fun! And what do the studies say about israeli passers-by, you know, the ones that say: oh, you are going to have a boy/girl (and then you get the pregnancy history until the light changes/till opens/order of felafel finally arrives….

    For what it’s scientifically worth, I craved avocados with one boy, ices with my girl, and chocolate for all of them!!!


  9. I’ve also heard shape-of-the-tummy predictions, skin breakout predictions, amount of kicking predictions for gender–almost always wrong. That’s statistically significant, actually, because statistically they should have been right about half the time!

  10. I have had 2 girls one is 13 the other is 7 with both girls I had nausea and more than 40 pound weight gain. This time I am pregnant with a boy and I never had nausea I feel and look great and at only 23 weeks pregnant i have only gained 7pounds. I do like protein cheese salty and sour founds sweets on occasion but not always.

  11. i have 2 girls felt sick before i even knew i was pregnant
    was sick all the way through to the day i had my first daughter and had sickness for 3 months with my second,
    craved any thing strawberry flavour and hated chicken with my first and loved any think cheese with my second and hated tea,
    i had 2 losses also, with one i had v little sickness(my appendix burst and caused the loss)my second i was really sick and took anti sickness meds (which i think could have played a part) i knew with my second she was going to be a girl i kept looking at pink and thought aww i would love another girl and she was!! did not have a clue with my first though, i am 6 weeks pregnant again and this time i feel more emotional so moody and tired and have a weard warm sensation down below sorry if thats tmi!!never had this before! i like salty food,sanwiches and bacon i have had no sickness what so ever yet,a boy would be lovely fingers crossed all will go ok with what ever baba is oh and the tests i have done are very dark positives :-)

  12. mrs contreras

    I have two girl already didn’t have morning sickness with them only heartburn im about five weeks pregnant now an ive never felt this sick in my life I really want a boy this time an im praying that it is

  13. Anusuya

    i have vomiting and urine can passed thick yellow be comes.i have tired in the morning what baby boy or girl say.

  14. I have twin boys I was sick in the morning with them now I’m pregnant now and now feeling great.

  15. I have 2 boys never had m/s with them felt great and craved steak mainly country big meals. Now im 7 wks sick everyday all day. Can hardly keep foid or drinks down heartburn is horrible i have thay a lot too hoping to feel better. I have a feeling its a girl i knew with my boys at only a few wks just a inner feeling i hope im right with her too.<3 :)

  16. I have 7 living children, 5 boys and 2 girls. I am pregnant with my 8th (dont know the sex but had dreams about both/dad dreamed about a boy). I didnt have nausea with my daughters but had all day sickness with 3 of my boys and this baby. My sons were all 8 pounds and and over except the last one.

  17. my first pregnancy i had to vomit evermorning before i eat otherwise i’ll be sick all day and it was a boy and my second one i was eating a lot and i hoped it was a boy again but nope. so now im in first mester and i’m very sick….i want a boy though

  18. I am six months pregnant and feel like crap and I been sick and throwing up .And in pain from sleeping on my sides . I got really sick with my daughter the first time I was pregnant.And put on alot of weight with the pregnancy.And the second time i was pregnant it was a little boy and I wasn’t sick and had alot of energy and didn’t put on as much weight.

  19. Preeti Gulati

    I have a 5 years old girl, I had feeling of Nausea and sleepy always. No vomiting! Just puked twice in 9 months that too due to some bad food/ junk food!

    At the moment I am expecting @ 7weeks, No nausea, no vomiting, not sleepy! Infact getting early in morning! My face is so oily these days infact I used to apply face creams in summers too but these days my face is so very oily! looking dehydrated without throwing! I just pray Its a boy and my I want a boy!

  20. I’m about 5 weeks I already have three sons never felt sick like vomiting did get nuasa and heart burn towards my second trimester tho with my boys I gained lots of weight mainly water. I never felt heartburn so early on I crave cheese and sweats.. Very thirsty I can’t explain how much heartburn.. I hope for a girl. I feel very tired that’s new to me as well I feel so sleepy but heartburn hardly let’s me rest. Fingers crossed for a girl.

  21. I’m about 5 weeks. I feel so much heartburn I’m always tired sleepy. Crave sweats and cheese. I want a girl so bad..I can’t tell I don’t have the feeling that I had with my sons I just knew with them.. The Chinese calendar was right with my sons now it says I’m having a girl oh I really do hope so.

  22. i have three kids i vomitted a lot with my first daughter. My second daughter was worse i hardly eat my morning sickness was severe , i thought it was going to be a boy, until my mum told me that she use to feel great when pregnant with my brothers. When i conceived again i didnt know my neighbours started complaining that i am eating like a pig and then i checked i was 4weeks gone that was when i knew it will be a boy. At last he was a boy!!!

  23. I didnt know i was pregnant until I was 2 months almost 3 months. I was still having my period I still dont have morning sickness. I am carrying my belly high, my hips and thigh are growing to fast, I feel moody, and sometimes everything bother me. My pregnancy with my two boys was so much different than now. This is my third pregnancy. I really hope is a girl and my boyfriends wants a boy.

  24. This is my first child and I’m VERY EXCITED!!! I was feeling really sick with morning and evening sickness. Everytime that my husband made dinner, I would get down to the last bite and get sick and it would all come back up. I didnt know what was wrong with me bc i was just getting over a summer cold. I was exercising like normal and I started noticing that I started gaining weight. I just thought it was from me trying to eat something bc i wasn’t able to keep some other foods down. I realized that i was sick a lot and then my husband and I went to a family gathering and everything came back up. My aunt in law told me that i was pregnant . I took a test amd it came to be true. I don’t care what i have as long as my baby gets here safe and sound.
    BTW-I do want a girl. Lol.

  25. The Chinese calender was right about my my 2 girls, I had a severe morning sickness then, now am 3 months pregnant, no morning sickness, the Chinese calender says it’s a boy and I had dreams that it’s a boy… I really want a boy this time…

  26. When I am pregnant with a girl I feel sever morning sickness and nausea in first four month and then morning sickness continue untillb I deliver my baby doll now I am pregnant again thistime i dnt feel morning sickness I hope that I am pregnant with a boy now it’s just 4 month of pregnancy I share my experience after confirmation

  27. Hi, with my first pregnancy, i had a week when i was down, vomiting, couldn;t tolerate the sight of any form of meat, i was on sprite, ginger tea, totally lethargic.I had a baby girl, who is 2 now.
    This time around, i have nausea , just one episode of vomit, im okay with meat……so does that signify anything? :)

  28. I have three kids, with my first born which is a boy, i dont remember much cause i was still young but i never experience any morning sicknesses, however i just used to eat, everything but crave for raw tomato, onion , green paper add sugar and vinegar… With my two girls i had tooth ache all the way and hubby and i were not getting along at all and the scan could not see what baby…i am now six months pregnant at first i felt nothing up until i had threatened mescarage i then went for 4dscan, the gynaecologist just told me according to her experience even though it is not clear , she think it is a girl… But i have a feeling of giving birth to a boy…advice am i being ignorent or what? I suanlly dream about the opposite sex and give birth to the now i dreamed gave birth to a girl..that is why i feel its a boy..i pray fir a boy tho!

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