’s Funniest Home Video Contest’s Funniest Home Video Contest

Hear ye, hear ye, all JewishMOMs are hereby invited to join the’s Funniest Home Videos Contest. Send me your cutest, sweetest, chuckle-worthiest home videos featuring your kids, and if your video wins, you will receive:

1st Place Winner: $100 Gift Certificate for’s totally gorgeous Rosh Hashana Cards

2nd Place Winner: The newly-released must-read book for every JewishMOM: Let’s Stay Safe on teaching personal safety to children by Bracha Goetz (Artscroll).

May the best Funniest Home Video win!*

*Why am I doing this contest in Elul? I thought of another contest that was heavy and meaningful and spiritual, but then I decided that what most moms REALLY need this Elul is to relearn how to look at our kids and smile after the draining, JewishMOM burn-outing marathon that is summer vacation. And learning how to enjoy our kids again, I thought, is a big ingredient in the teshuva we JewishMOMs can do this Elul.

Photo courtesy of User Wu’s Photo Land

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  1. Are you looking for cute and sweet, or for funniest? My funniest are not sweet, they are usually with misbehaving kids 🙂

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