This Week’s Mommy Peptalk: Finding Pleasure Within Motherhood’s Challenges (10-Minute Video)

Transforming motherhood’s difficult moments into our greatest sources of pleasure.
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  1. Deborah C.

    Exactly what I needed to hear this morning,thank you!! I always try and remember the idea I heard once that the Cohanim in the beit hamikdash had a very physically demanding,nitty gritty and often times dirty job by having to deal with the animals for sacrificing etc…….it was also the Highest Holiest job there was… so too as moms, we are doing an incredibly physically demanding, nitty gritty, dirty job, but it is also the Highest Holiest job there is.

    Thank you again for the reminder this morning!!

    • happy to hear it hit the spot, it did for me too! It was also just what I needed to hear too…

  2. AMEN!!! Such a great peptalk. B’ezrat Hashem, next time I and all of us have to change three diapers in a row while running out of the house, we should experience such a high! Thanks so much

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