Age-Activated ADD (2-minute funny video)

Age-Activated ADD (2-minute funny video)

This video made me laugh very hard, they could have made a very similar video about ME and my days… Though I think in my case, my ADD isn’t Age-Activated, it’s Motherhood-Activated! What about you, JewishMOM? Do your days also look like the day of the star of this video? (thanks to Nechama Shmerling for passing on this delightful link).

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  1. Sharon Saunders

    She just doesn’t want to let that money out of her account to pay those bills. That’s age-activated money worries!

  2. Rachael Leah

    Oh my goodness, this sounds just like me, and I’m half her age! Wonder where I’m headed as I get older….

  3. I’m the total opposite. I’ll focus on one thing only and I notice all that other stuff on the side but I’ll say, “I’ll put the coke away when I get to the desk, I’ll water the flowers when I clean off the counter…” and I just focus on the one task at hand.
    I don’t get any more done than she does though.

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