Spiritual Prep for Pesach from Reb. Twersky, Reb. Heller and Sara Yocheved Rigler (3 Inspirational Videos)

Scrub scrub scrub. Clean clean clean. Don’t worry, your house WILL be ready for Pesach. But what about your neshama, JewishMOM? Don’t miss these short inspirational messages for 3 amazing speakers. These teachers made these videos in order to raise money to cover the costs of life-saving surgery for Aryeh Leib Dovid ben Esther. I personally donated to this important cause, and urge you to do the same…
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  1. Wonderful – Thanks!

  2. Just listened to Rebbetzin Feige and can’t wait to move on (after I absorb this message). Thank you-one Jewish mom to another~

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