Runner Victorious by Finishing Last (2-Minute Inspirational Video)

Runner Victorious by Finishing Last (2-Minute Inspirational Video)

This is so heartwarming. When a rival runner collapsed in the race she was running, state champion runner Meghan Vogal chose to stop running in order to carry her across the finish line. It reminds me of something I heard recently, that in the end, what we truly possess isn’t the things we own, but rather the acts of kindness we do for others.

Runner victorious by finishing last:

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  1. wow – I envy her mom to have raised her so well, with her values so in place, talent and all!

  2. Laura Stevenson Dickinson

    Ann, I am so proud to say that I know you! What an amazing daughter you have raised. She is a fantastic role model for young girls (I have 3) Hope you are well, I bet you can’t stop grinning! Best Wishes!

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