A Morning in the Life of Yoel (3-Minute Cute Video)

A Morning in the Life of Yoel (3-Minute Cute Video)

This morning I put 3-month-old Yaakov into our old blue baby coat with the furry collar. And I got all nostalgic, remembering my other babies at that age, in that same blue baby coat with the furry collar. Here’s a video I made of Yoel five years ago with footage of him wearing…yep, you guessed it:) Yoel’s such a big boy now, heading into first grade next year IY”H, hard to imagine he was once SO small!

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  1. Barbara Pasternak

    I loved your clip of “A Morning in the Life of Yoel” and the lullaby was so beautiful. When I heard the words ‘olive tree’ I thought, only here in Israel or environs…though the song sounded so much like an Irish lullaby and I was surprised to know that it is indeed from Israel. Thanks for putting the music credits on your film. Want to hear it again…and again…

  2. They each need to star in their own video. Much nachas from your entire brood.

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