The Betrayed Wife (14-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

The Betrayed Wife (14-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Some words of encouragement for my friend, a Jewish MOM of 8 small children, who was just betrayed and divorced by her husband.
Click here to make a donation to this struggling family.

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  1. Susan Krupman

    Remember to empathize with what she is struggling with RIGHT NOW and give her HANDS ON Support as much as you can.

  2. Tragic story, especially for the children.

    1. No need to mention the mistress’ race. Homewreckers come in all races and religions.
    2. Your friend needs to get in touch with her inner (not nice person) and get herself an attorney. A real shark. Tell her to start here:

    Family Violence Project/Jewish Family Services, Sherman Oaks, (818) 505-0900.

    Even though your friend is not specifically in a domestic violence situation (bli ayin hara), the legal remedies that she seeks are basically the same. She needs to sue him IMMEDIATELY for child support and alimony. If she needs to, she can file a complaint with the California State Bar Association, because by abandoning his family, this lawyer has committed a crime of moral turpitude, and his license to practice may be in jeopardy. See for details.

    Two more critical items for your friend:

    1. She must document EVERYTHING beginning with the first time she began to suspect something was amiss.

    2. She must never, NEVER badmouth this man to the children. No matter how angry or frustrated she gets, she must refrain from sharing her displeasure with the children. This will not only earn her MUCH olam haba, but will help her gain the respect and admiration of the judges she’ll be dealing with in the future.

    I’ll be thinking of her when I davin.

  3. In case the friend this video was made for is reading the comments:
    whatever the identity or the looks of your ex-husband’s girlfriend, I have no doubt that
    you are already and will always be the winner in this family dynamic,
    and that you are the beautiful woman of the two– inside and out.

  4. I’m not sure that your Rebbetzin friend wasn’t able to be a true example to others before going through such hardships. People are ALWAYS going through things regardless of whether or not we see it superficially and the news is in the tabloids.
    And also–is there really a winner/loser in this scenario? Hashem rewards your LA friend for every moment of her struggle, of overcoming hardship, of having patience with her children. What her ex does with his life is his own personal olam habba issue. Who knows what kind of yetzer hara he has dealt with for years? This deed is definitely bad, but I’m not sure we can judge any person on the winner/loser scale, for the “hidden things are seen only to G-d,” and I think that thinking that “in the long run you will beat him” only continues the harboring of resentment and anger, which doesn’t help any1, really. I believe the main focus should be chizzuk in knowing Hashem is with her in this nissayon, and tailored it to specifically to her, somehow for the best. That Hashem gives nisyonot only to those who have the strength to bear them. Irregardless of any comparisons to others.

  5. hi,
    my aunt and uncle run an organization from their home that helps out over 1,000 families in LA, who are struggling. she helps w/ money, food , clothes and e/t else. please email me and i can forward you their contact info. thanks!

  6. oy, AMEN!!!

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