This Week’s Best Videos, Photos, and Links

This Week’s Best Videos, Photos, and Links

Partly Jewish? (15-minute radio interview) A powerful interview with author Sara Debbie Gutfreund on WABC Radio about the tragic fate of children raised with two religions. Sara Deb is such a sincere, well-spoken, and excellent advocate for Judaism– I think her next step should be TV. I would so love to see this Connecticut JewishMOM on the Today Show:) (click on the November 17 show and forward to 58:30)

View more scenes from Shekinah: The Intimate Life of Hasidic Women

5 years after near-death, Aaron Karov runs NYC marathon– Times of Israel What an inspiration!

Israeli medical mission to typhoon-battered Philippines delivers Filipino baby gratefully named “Israel.”

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  1. Bracha Goetz

    Sara Debbie Gutfreund spoke so beautifully, B’H!

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