3 Frum Girls Come to the Rescue During Blizzard’s Aftermath

3 Frum Girls Come to the Rescue During Blizzard’s Aftermath

3 Orthodox Students Come to the Rescue During Blizzard’s Aftermath


Jerusalem, Israel – During the days following the massive blizzard that paralyzed Northern and Central Israel two weeks ago, the icy road conditions continued to cause an unusually high number of traffic fatalities and severe traffic jams.

On the afternoon of December 24, Moriah Weisberg, 8, was returning home by bus from her school in the Har Nof neighborhood, a hillside community of 20,000 on Jerusalem’s Western boundary. At approximately 3:10, the bus she was travelling on came to a halt on account of rush-hour gridlock exacerbated by the icy road conditions, and the driver requested for all passengers to exit the bus immediately.

Weisberg was not familiar with the neighborhood where the bus had stopped, and was extremely distressed. Crying, she called her mother, who advised Weisberg to request assistance from an older woman.

Weisberg approached Chana Leah Caller, Goldie Eichorn, and Faigy Bookson of Har Nof’s Lahav Bais Yaakov Seminary who had been travelling on the same bus towards the Central Bus Station. Weisberg’s mother spoke by phone with Caller and requested that she help her daughter get on the light rail at the Central Bus Station, and explained that Weisberg was fully able to travel the final 20 minutes home from there on her own.

Lahav Bais Yaakov students Chana Leah Caller, Goldie Eichorn, Faigy Bookson of  Flatbush and Monsey, NY.

Lahav Bais Yaakov students Chana Leah Caller, Goldie Eichorn, Faigy Bookson of Flatbush and Monsey, NY.

At approximately 4:20, Moriah Weisberg arrived home, accompanied by Caller, Eichorn, and Bookson. Surprised that they had travelled so far in order to accompany her daughter the entire way home, Eichorn explained to Weisberg’s mother, “We’re sem girls, we were really happy to bring her the whole way.”

Unfortunately, this news item above about the act of kindness performed for my daughter Moriah last week has only been reported thus far on JewishMOM.com.

At the dentist office this morning, I was struck by all the bad news scrolling across the bottom of the TV screen. Looking at the news, it’s easy to think that the world is overflowing with murderers and rapists and thieves.

And it’s so challenging and so important to remember that for every murder, rape, and theft that takes place there are a million acts of kindness, small as well as large, that go unreported.

Unnoticed by all, except for their fortunate recipient and the One above.

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  1. Sarit Rubenstein

    What an inspiring story! How true that more often than not the stories that make the news are ones of pain, deceit, and corruption. How refreshing to read about the everyday hero’s that impact our lives. Thank you so much for sharing! I am confident you brought such joy and nachas not only to the families of these girls, but to their school, communities and above all Hashem! May you continue to inspire us all with your amazing website. Sarit

  2. Batya Kahan

    So proud to know Chana Leah, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree 🙂

  3. you should forward the story to Partners in Kindness. They will spread it everywhere.

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