Remembering Frida Mizrahi z”l

Remembering Frida Mizrahi z”l

Reflections on an inspirational Mexican JewishMOM matriarch who passed away last week.

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  1. Hi, just wanna clear a fact since i live in México , nobody has cooks,really, maids yes, but also its very hard here so just to clear That up ; And yes That Lady was a wonderful mother all her children And grandkids have very good midot And are wonderful people z”l

  2. JewishMom

    thanks for clarifying that…

  3. Haha sorry!! That sounded bad! It’s just every time someone talks to me they ask these weird questions like if you have a maid what do u do all day? And stuff, sorry didn’t mean for it to sound bad

  4. Lov ur blog

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