Kidnapped Boy’s Mother Warns: “Hashem is Not our Employee” (1-Minute Video)

Kidnapped Boy’s Mother Warns: “Hashem is Not our Employee” (1-Minute Video)

On Friday, the parents of the kidnapped boys prayed at the Western Wall for their safe return. While there, Racheli Frankel spoke with a group of children who told her they are praying for the boys (see conversation in video below). She told them “Children, I want to tell you something. I believe with all my heart that they will return. But whatever happens, whatever happens… Hashem is not our employee. You shouldn’t be broken if something else happens, OK? And stay together. I believe they are going to return home quickly.”

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  1. Re your post on techinos and hagomel:
    1) Thank you for the techinos!
    2) It appears to me that the proper nusach for the ten (wo)men to use to respond to the Bracha should be said to the mother in the feminine: “Mi she’gmaleich kol tuv, Hu yig’ma’leich kol tuv, selah.” Amen!

  2. This mother is so special! It’s incredible to see how strong all of them are. They give so much strength to the rest of us.

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