Newborn Baby Girl Named After Fallen IDF Soldier

Newborn Baby Girl Named After Fallen IDF Soldier

Osher and Tsachi Vaknin of Yerucham were deeply touched by a photo they saw of Liel Gidoni HY”D who fell while defending the residents of southern and central Israel last month. As a result, they decided to name their newborn daughter after a person they called “a Jewish hero.”

Liel’s father, Eli Gidoni, was very moved by the Vaknin family’s gesture: “I feel that the soul of Liel is now located in a specific place in the world. Things like this don’t happen for no reason. It also moved me very much that they called him ‘a Jewish hero.’”

Eli Gidoni shared that the family is planning to go and visit the couple and baby, Liel. “We prepared them a package of baby gifts with the name ‘Liel’ embroidered on them. We are going to meet them next week, after our son’s shloshim. They performed an exalted act.”



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