“We Chose to Continue Living”: Year after Son Killed, 46-Year-Old Mother Gives Birth

“We Chose to Continue Living”: Year after Son Killed, 46-Year-Old Mother Gives Birth

by Eitan Glickman (Yediot)

A year and a half ago, Michal Tsuk experienced a horrific tragedy: her 11-year-old son Ido was killed while riding his bike to a tennis lesson.

Two days ago, at the age of 46, she and her husband Arnon had a baby girl. “She won’t replace Ido,” Michal said through tears, “but we didn’t want to crash, we want to continue living.”

Michal and Arnon Tsuk, residents of Kfar Hess in the Sharon area, had 3 children. Gal, then age 15, Ido, 11, and Ofir, 3…”Ido was a very curious child, intelligent, a good boy who, in his own quiet way, captured the hearts of all those around him,” family members said…

Alongside the new joy which has come into the world, there is not a day that passes that the Tsuk family doesn’t remember Ido. “It’s important for me to emphasize that our Ido, unfortunately, will never return, but he is still with us every single day. The longing for him doesn’t let go. The wonderful baby who was born won’t replace him, he is always with us. But life must continue– in spite of the terrible tragedy which we have experienced as a family.

Michal continues, “We don’t want to crash, but rather to continue living and forever remembering our Ido– who was so curious, intelligent, insightful, always smiling and helpful. Now, since the new baby was born, I have 4 children.”

Michal Tsuk with newborn daughter

Michal Tsuk with newborn daughter

Ido Tsuk z"l

Ido Tsuk z”l

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  1. Anyone who thinks that a family who has a baby after a child has died, or even worse after losing children that the baby is a “replacement” is an absolute idiot. Anyone who tells a parent that their new baby is a “replacement” should be dropped kicked down the hall.

  2. mazel tov!

  3. Nothing replaces such a loss, Chas V”sholom, but the Mom’s attitude is to focus on life. The new life adds positive energy and focus to our lives. It can help us heal from the wounds. May they have much nachas from all their children.

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