How to Enjoy the Week before Pesach (10-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

How to Enjoy the Week before Pesach (10-Minute Mommy Peptalk)

Two keys to a happier Erev Pesach.

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  1. So true! Being a mother of a large family I feel so blessed, B”H and as the kids grow older you only enjoy them more. You know they’ll never be babies again – each stage has its own beauty. Pessach Sameach!

  2. To all overwhelemed moms out there, I found this really useful pesach grocery list template. It saved me a lot of time and you can download it for free!

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  3. Chana Jenny – you always give us so much in these pep talks. I see both topics as one. When exhausted and frazzled . . . yes, stop – to fill up. What fills us back up – so quickly? . . . moments of thankfulness. STOP and THANK – and your heart will once again be filled up and overflowing on all your endeavors!

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