How do I Know Pesach is around the Corner? :)

How do I Know Pesach is around the Corner? :)

This is what I had to squeeze my stroller by this morning at Machaneh Yehuda market.


Like you, I’m getting ready for 7 days of…

Potato kugel.
Potato chips.
Potato salad.
Baked potatoes.
Potato flour cakes, rolls, cookies, noodles.

And believe it or not, call me crazy, but I can’t wait!


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  1. Ayalah Haas

    Dear Chana Jenny,

    This is hilarious!… and so holy, b”H.
    A neighbor of mine says she and her husband would be delighted if Pesach was here already so that they could stop shelling out so much money. Ha ha.

    Your friend,
    Ayalah Haas

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