I Want a Different Spoon!

I Want a Different Spoon!

On Thursday afternoon I gave my 2-year-old, Yaakov, a bowl of macaroni. I then reached into the silverware drawer and handed him a tablespoon.

“I want a different spoon,” Yaakov requested.

I noticed some tomato sauce on the bottom of the spoon I had given him, and thought maybe he wanted a clean one, so I reached back into the silverware drawer, and handed him another tablespoon.

“I want a different spoon,” Yaakov requested, yet again, a new hint of impatience lacing his voice.

I realized he probably wanted a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon, so I reached back into the drawer, and handed him one.

“I want a different spoon!” Yaakov insisted. In a display of exasperation fitting a toddler who has finally realized that IQ tests are not required before one is allowed to become a mother, Yaakov jumped down from his chair, climbed up on the trashcan, reached into the silverware drawer, and, with a big smile, took out “a different spoon.”

Only problem was– it was a fork.


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  1. Hadassah

    yes, moms need to be mind readers too!

  2. So cute, will add fork to his vocabulary now I am sure!

  3. Yocheved

    No, I want the sharp, pokey one! LOL!!!

    Maybe it’s time to invest in some sporks. 😀

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