The Managing Director of the Goldberg Family, Inc.

The Managing Director of the Goldberg Family, Inc.

Last week I received an Email from a reader which was signed:

Rachael Goldberg
Managing Director
The Goldberg Family, Inc.

The first time I read that signature, I was impressed, “Hmmm, looks like her family has a foundation” sorta like the Rockefellers or the Rothchilds! She must be, like, a multi-millionaire AND she runs her family’s entire foundation.

But then I read the signature again, and realized that I had misunderstood. The mother of 5 from Passaic with whom I was corresponding was, in fact, the managing director of her family…

Keeping her family afloat and its members on their feet–and even thriving.


Just like you and me.


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  1. I love it! That is someone who does not view herself as a Stay at home mom without a job!

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