Sometimes When You’re in a Dark Place You Think….

Sometimes When You’re in a Dark Place You Think….

Sometimes When You're in a Dark Place

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  1. Bracha Goetz


  2. Rochel Esther

    I am in need of hearing how to make feeling buried with the same experience everyday can be turned around into a fresh new plant. I would love to hear a story shared! Thank you!

    • how about how we feel buried by crying babies, diapers, nursing, feeding, no sleep, nap times, too much lego, messy fingerpaints, outgrown clothes, worn out shoes, runny noses, never-ending teething….and one day we Moms look around and realize that our babies have grown up and become Real People….

      • yes. it’s the light at the end of the tunnel. your kids become real people. they take care of themselves and each other.they become the kind of people you like to be friends with. it happens in spite of all the parenting mistakes we’ve made that we wish we could do over.
        (i’m mother of seven)

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