Where is Yonatan? (3 Photos) :)

Where is Yonatan? (3 Photos) :)

In his favorite hiding spot…
20151105_181702 [885786]

20151105_181721 [885787]

20151105_181723 [885788]

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  1. Hahahahahahaha

  2. As long as you know to look for him there! My son once fell asleep under a bed that had a ‘skirt’ around it and I really panicked until we found him!

  3. Leah Haziza

    i used to do that in my mother’s kitchen when i was little too – she never made a comment for the balagan i created for her emptying the whole space so that i can go it…she thought it was cute! and it definatelly is… enjoy!
    btw…does Hashem “take” picture of us when we hide too?

  4. SO SWEET with the little feet sticking out!

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