How are a Husband and Wife like a Chanukah Candle?

How are a Husband and Wife like a Chanukah Candle?

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  1. very nice. who’s the oil and who’s the wick?

  2. Wouw awesome !! Pure top inspiration !! thank you !!

  3. R. Meir said that when a man and woman live together harmoniously, the Shechinah, dwells with them. The name “ish”, man, contains a YUD, and the name “ishah”, woman, contains a HE; together those two letters form the name of Hashem. He goes on to say that if there is a lack of harmony between them, the Shechinah departs from their inhospitable midst. When the YUD and HE leave their respective names, each is left only with the letters ALEPH & SHIN – which equals FIRE. A couple without the presence of the Shechinah – becomes like two destructive fires, each a danger to the other, and together a danger to everyone around them (Pesikta Zutresa).
    Neither the oil,(husband) nor the wick, (wife) can produce light, apart from the Shekinah flame.

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