The Double-Sided-Tape Mother

The Double-Sided-Tape Mother

Yesterday morning I asked the salesman at the store for some double-sided tape. He reached behind him, and handed me a package as he pronounced, “5 Shekels,” a little over $1.

“Is this strong tape? I need the best kind you have.”

“Geveret, this is the best kind and the worst kind. It’s the only kind I have!” with a take-it-or-leave-it expression.

I handed him a 5 shekel coin, and wondered if that is me. For my kids, I’m also the only kind they have. The best mother. The worst mother. The only mother.

When I got back home, I noticed something I adore about our new home. Well, first of all, I love having a yard and a garden. In our old home we didn’t even have a porch. And yesterday morning, the yard was beaded up to the hilt with dew.

It was so gorgeous, I just stood and looked at the dew for a while, admiring it’s cloudy mistfulness.

And I thought how, like the double-sided tape, and like a mother for her family, dew is the only dew there is. The best kind and the worst kind.

But that’s OK.

Because like a mother, it is a gentle blessing that feeds and nurtures and, without fanfare, enables growth.

And that, please G-d, is the kind of mom I hope to be.

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  1. Amazing how you tie all sorts of things together.

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