My Purim Costume?

My Purim Costume?

My 3-year-old Yaakov wants me to dress up as a monster for Purim. Here’s why:

“Eema, you should be a monster for Purim. ‘Cause monsters eat:

Lion5 - Copy
“And TUNA!”

Come to think of it, Yaakov’s right. Tuna does sound yummy. Maybe I should dress up as a monster for Purim?


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  1. Tell him that you have heard of the Cookie Monster, and that you’ve also heard that they can eat all the hamantashen they want!

  2. This really made me laugh, loved the illustrations that went with it!

  3. LOL, great accompanying pix. when i was asked, my reply was simply:
    an ozeret! what are you gonna wear, she continued. my reply simply:
    oh, the usual. Purim sameach to all am Yisrael.

  4. I love How you added pictures to your sons words! It made me smile

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