Meet Singer Evyatar Banai’s Wife and Children (4-Minute Music Video)

Meet Singer Evyatar Banai’s Wife and Children (4-Minute Music Video)

Evyatar Banai, one of Israel’s most popular musicians, made news when he became religious and married his wife, Ruth, a Danish convert, 12 years ago, after meeting her at one of his concerts in New York City. If anything, since becoming religious, Evyatar Banai has become even more popular, with a huge following of religious as well as secular fans.

I suspect that Banai made this special video featuring a day in the life of his family in order to give his secular fans a rare peek at the inside of a religious life–a JewishMOM reading Tehilim, religious children riding bikes, challot baking in the oven, the Rebbe sitting above the piano– the works.

I still remember the first Shabbat I kept 24 years ago at the home of the brother of my Neve classmate–and I remember seeing the pastel colors of the Judean desert at sunset–it was the first time I ever saw the unique glow of holiness. Since becoming religious myself soon after that, I feel like much of my life glows with that holiness. And it is that glow, I think, that this rare video of the Banai home captures.

This song is called “I have something to lose.” I’m not translating the song, since what I really want to show you is this beautiful Torah-observant family and their home.

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