We are a Miracle –Yaakov Shwekey (5-Minute Music Video)

We are a Miracle –Yaakov Shwekey (5-Minute Music Video)

I don’t remember the last time a video made me cry this hard–twice. The video’s creator, Mendy Pellin, managed to squeeze in 2 millenia of Jewish pain, persecution, and triumph into 5-minutes. The video’s message: our greatest victory? Each and every Jewish child.

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  1. we bought this CD and my kids played it non-stop for weeks.
    one of my daughters put the “Miracle” song on repeat—forever.

    it gets stuck in your head. and the message is AMAZING!!

    and even tho’ i’ve heard it a gaZillion times, i still get teary-eyed when it’s on.

  2. YES!!! A MIRACLE!!! What a beautiful way to spend 5 minutes. Mendy Pellin – to be commended. Yitzy Waldner & Shwekey never disappoint!

  3. I’m with you all in this…chills and tears. My children listen to it all the time.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. The visual effects and the lyrics are inspirational!

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