Dancing Behind People in Jerusalem (1-Minute Funny Video)

Dancing Behind People in Jerusalem (1-Minute Funny Video)

Meir Kay never fails to make me smile…Happy Purim!

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  1. Rachel F

    Laughing out loud! Ty

  2. My favorite is of the disco he made in NYC subway. Halarious

  3. Cracked me up! Thanks!

  4. I find it a bit creepy, actually

  5. Sorry to be a party pooper but maybe some of these people did not want to be in the video?
    I live in EY and would be annoyed if I saw myself in this video with a guy dancing behind me…

  6. Totally weird.

  7. Weird is cool. Super funny

  8. I watched his other videos. He’s actually a really nice guy with a beautiful perspective about spreading joy to people. I misjudged.

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