Grandma Wanda’s Necklace

Grandma Wanda’s Necklace

A few weeks ago we hosted the Mantell family, visiting Israel from the US for their son’s bar mitzvah, for Friday-night dinner. We had such a great time with them, what a lovely family. And at one point during the dinner I noticed the unusual necklace of the bar-mitzvah boy’s grandmother, Wanda.

Wanda explained to me, “When each of my grandchildren is born I add a child, made out of gold and diamond, to my necklace, since, in my eyes, each of my grandchildren is an absolute diamond.”

I could not agree more!

Mazal tov to the Mantell family and much continued nachas to Grandma Wanda from all her children and grandchildren!

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  1. My grandmother had the same. Then she made a bracelet to hang the great grandchildren on. After she passed, we all got our family’s little people to keep. I cherish mine because I know my grandmother wore it daily!

  2. Just curious is there a name or date on the other side of each gold figure?

  3. On my grandmother’s, there are.

  4. As we got married, she switched our single person in for a marriage one, which is two people kissing. It has our anniversary date on it.

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