Whoopi Goldberg: Wearing a Wig Saved Frum Woman’s Life

An Orthodox wig-wearing woman in New Jersey was almost taken hostage by a bank robber who tried to grab her by her hair. The robber was QUITE stunned when the woman slipped off her wig and fled away! Watch Whoopi Goldberg tell the story… (IMMODESTY WARNING)

hat tip to a cute blog I just discovered about hair covering called The Daily Cover Looks


  1. haha! I posted about the story a short while back, when it happened. interesting that Whoopi would discuss it, and her usual taste of humor adds to the telling of the story!

  2. oh that is too much! lol

  3. is the immodesty warning a Whoopi language issue or a dress issue? I’d love to hear this but I’ll wait for clarification from anyone out there…. I’m still an over-sensitive ba’al teshuva!

    • JewishMom

      the immodesty warning is because some women are dressed immodestly in the video. Sleeveless, low-cut shirts. I mostly intended the warnings for men who are looking at the site.

      • Thanks for clarifying: but now for some reason I can’t access the clip…. Hashgacha indeed!!

  4. i also can’t view it

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