My 8-Year Old’s 1st Snowstorm (1-Minute Home Video)

My 8-Year Old’s 1st Snowstorm (1-Minute Home Video)

In Jerusalem yesterday, we got our first major snowfall in 6 years! It’s almost all melted by now, but my 8-year-old, Yaakov, who was a toddler during the last big snowfall, is beside himself with excitement. Here’s the video he made for his grandparents, with footage of his half-built igloo and his very own “snow guy.” I love the energetic-8-year-old-boy excitement this video captures.🏃🥰


  1. Eileen Coelus


  2. Mina Esther Gordon

    I love his accent!!

  3. Adorable. Yes the accent is quite a treat :).

  4. Dani Margolies

    This kept a HUGE smile on my face for quite a long time. So cute and sweet :):)

  5. So sweet! thank you for sharing with us.

  6. I love his english accent:)

    • when mothers ask me how to raise a child in Israel who speaks good english, I answer: I’m the last person you should ask:)

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