Praise for Expecting Miracles

“Chana Weisberg’s… book offers wisdom from conversations with observant Jewish women for transforming pregnancy into an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. This unusual book will serve as a valuable resource for all pregnant women, their husbands, doctors and members of their families.” –Dov Peretz Elkins, co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Jewish Soul

“Immerse yourself in the wondrous world of miracles, of faith, of G-d-intoxication, which Chana Weisberg so subtly and masterfully paints…A must for every “expectant” mother…” The Jewish Press

“I loved the book! I devoured it… It filled the great thirst I had to gain an understanding of the deeper meaning of the unique experience [of pregnancy and childbirth]…This book fills a very big need in our community, and it is definitely sitting in my office waiting room.” Dr. Hava-Yael Schreiber, Senior OB/GYN,

And more enthusiastic reviews/articles in: Hadassah Magazine, The Nshei Chabad Newsletter, The Jewish Press, Jewish Telegraph Agency,  Haaretz, YatedNeeman, Jewsweek, Jewish Chronicle (UK), Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, Chicago Jewish News, Cleveland Jewish News, Jewish News Weekly of Northern California (JTA), JOFA Journal, JBooks

Yitta Halberstam, bestselling author of Small Miracles: Extraordinary Coincidences from Everyday Life, writes:
“A fascinating journey into previously unexplored terrain.Chana Weisberg’s beautifully written book explores the little known world of Orthodox Jewish women in various stages of pregnancy: their hopes, their dreams, their fears,their beliefs as they integrate the marvels, the mysteries, the magic, and ultimately, the miracle of childbirth and mothering.This is an important, erudite, and valuable contribution to the growing body of religious ethnographic literature, and offers fresh insights and intimate glimpses into the psychological and spiritual world of the orthodox woman, a world where religion, above all, predominates. Although the focus of the book is on pregnancy and childbirth, the net cast here is a broad one, and we learn much about the rituals, customs, mores, and beliefs of a society worlds apart from the general culture the book is written in very lucid, cogent and readable style, and proves to be vastly entertaining as well.”

Rebbetzin Rivka Slonim- Renowned Speaker and author of Total Immersion writes:“Chana Weisberg’s ground breaking book takes the reader into the literal and figurative womb of Jewish women’s spirituality. Through a series of eclectic, sometimes off beat, always honest and intimate interviews, her work provides a breathtaking view of women engaged in the most difficult and fulfilling of life’s experiences: pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing. More importantly, her subjects highlight a truth that has been woefully lost in the discussion concerning women and their place in Judaism: religious devotion, for women and men, is first and always about placing G-d at the center.”

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