Mazal tov! and Baby-Naming Links

Mazal tov! and Baby-Naming Links Everything you need to know about a Jewish Newborn!- Just got back from the hospital with your cutey-pie former-fetus in your arms? Put down your bag and your baby and make a bee-line for RIGHT NOW! has put together an amazing collection of articles on everything you need to know about your newborn. SCROLL DOWN to see fantastic and eye-opening articles on giving a Jewish name, circumcision, celebrations for baby girls, pidyon ha ben, and lists of boys and girls names. Jewish pregnant women of the world salute for putting together such a comprehensive resource for expecting Jewish couples!!– For the bris-fully ignorant: everything you ever wanted to know about circumcision all in one amazing site! If you’ve had a baby boy, you must see this site!– Amazing Resource! A wide array of very active discussion forums for Orthodox mothers and mothers-to-be on tons of different topics from pregnancy to parenting teenagers to mothers’ favorite Shabbat recipes. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! (Sorry, this site is restricted to Orthodox mothers…)

The Abandoned Baby Syndrome: Who is Loving our Children? Dr. Miriam Adahan on the crucial importance of the first few months of mother-baby bonding. Choosing a Jewish Name Links

A word of caution: Please be very careful when looking around the web in search of Jewish baby names! There are tons of sites out there with made-up and patently ridiculous Hebrew names, as well as false and patently ridiculous definitions for names! The sites listed below are excellent and reliable. If you have a question about a particular name, please contact me, and I’d be happy to help you out!– I used to have a few sites listed here, but I have deleted them all, and left the only link you need. I have been waiting for this site for YEARS! A totally comprehensive, fantastic, Hebrew name site which has taken all the names from the top Hebrew name books- and put them on line for the benefit of all the confused Jewish parents searching and searching for the right name for their kiddies-to-be. All of the Jewish Pregnant women in the universe should salute Sara Leah of Washington State, USA- the creator of this unbelievable site.

The Art of Baby Naming– How should you choose a name for your baby?

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