Jewish Pregnancy Links

Know of any other amazing articles/sites I should link to? Please write me! Amazing Articles on Pregnancy and Birth for Jewish women. I love this site! Fantastic practical and inspirational articles by Jewish women about their experiences of pregnancy and birth. Also, articles on customs for pregnancy. Fascinating reading, with a bunch of pregnancy miracle stories thrown in for dessert. What could be better? Fantastic Articles on Pregnancy and Childbirth- Excerpts from Jewish books on birthing, and other original articles on birth and pregnancy from a Jewish perspective. DON’T MISS THIS SITE!!

Rebbetzin Faige Twersky on “The Spiritual Side of Pregnancy”– What is a Jewish woman supposed to be doing during pregnancy? This link contains words of wisdom from the incomparable Rebbetzin Faige Twersky. Never heard of her? I am a huge fan of Rebbetzin Faige- I think she’s unbelievable. My dream is to one day be half (make that a quarter) as smart and insightful as she is about life! You can read her regular column on and her fantastic book (one of my favorites) Ask Rebbetzin Faige.– Amazing Resource! A wide array of very active discussion forums for Orthodox mothers and mothers-to-be on tons of different topics from pregnancy to parenting teenagers to mothers’ favorite Shabbat recipes. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! (Sorry, this site is restricted to Orthodox mothers…)

“The Wonder that is Woman”- The challenge and the miracle of birth from the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

“What Happened on Your Birthday”- A Jewish approach to birthdays, and the potential of a human life.

Photographs of Developing Embryo Beautiful!! These incredible photographs will help you connect with the miracle that is taking place inside your bellyful of baby.

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