Something you Definitely Never Knew About Me…

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At our Shabbat table, we always ask guests to introduce themselves with something that no one else at the table knows about them. SO, what is something that you definitely don’t know about ME?

Are you sitting down (I guess you probably are :)) I, Chana Jenny Weisberg, am one of the biggest fans of Country music this side of the Mediterranean!

Whenever I drive around my native Baltimore during visits to my parents, like the one I took this month, I secretly turn the radio dial to 93.1 WPOC Baltimore’s Home to Country Music. I drive around and get a good cleansing WEEP in and I LOVE IT! (I always make sure to turn the radio back to my parent’s classical music station after I bring back the car. I’m not sure what they would make of my bizarre closet addiction).

Last week, I heard this amazing song I just had to share, Another Day in Paradise by Phil Vassar- with a Southern twang. Can any mom hear this and not cry?

(Be forewarned, this song would not get a haskama…)

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  1. Rachel Shifra

    Hiya! That is something I never knew! I also am an avid country music fan and have had dreams of opening the first country station in Israel! Maybe we should together, when I get back home

    Welcome back, we all missed you!

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