Time of My Life

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Yesterday at 4:21 PM I received an Email with the subject line “Time of my Life” from a mom in suburban New Jersey telling me about her close friend, an extraordinary Jewish Mom of 4 small children named Simcha Esther Gershan, whose soul returned itself to its Creator right as all of the Jewish people wept during Kol Nidrei this past Sunday evening.

At 4:22, I received yet another Email with the same subject line from a mom living in a remote outpost in the West Bank  telling me again about Simcha Esther, and asking me to help spread the word about the forthcoming documentary film she created about the incredible spiritual journey she took during her final battle with cancer.

This strange coincidence made me think two things:

1. This must have been quite an impressive woman if she managed to impact these 2 incredible moms on opposite ends of the world.

2. G-d is sending me a sign that He really wants me to help this documentary  reach as many Jewish women as possible…

And by the time I’d finished watching the tragic/funny/inspiring 7-minute trailer below, I could understand why.

After I watched this video, I was left with one regret- that I will not have the privilege of meeting its very spunky, very cool, very real, and very inspired JewishMOM heroine in this lifetime.

Please honor Simcha Esther’s memory by watching this video, a permanent document of her eternal legacy of faith and joy, and spreading it far and wide to Jewish women everywhere…

Also, check out her blog to learn more about her feature-length documentary “Time of My Life” and it’s world-wide premiere in New York on October 22nd. http://www.timeofmylife.us/film.asp


  1. Deborah Bach

    Now can you imagine a world where everyone really lives in this pure way everyday, just because they learned that from there parents from day one? Without any illnesses. Awesome!

    May her legacy be a healing for her family.

  2. rachel ruth lebel

    Please keep me posted when this film comes out…. This is a very powerful message that has a great need to be spread!

  3. I am one of the many, many people who was blessed to be able to call Simcha Esther my dear friend and an incredible role model of what a Jewish mother and wife can and should be. As anyone who knew her can attest, having Simcha Esther as a friend was a life-altering opportunity. She truly had a power to inspire and infuse every aspect of life with a beautiful and higher purpose. She has left us all a powerful life message and legacy and we have a responsibility to honor her memory by sharing her message with as many people as possible! May her memory be for a blessing!

  4. Thank you for sharing… this was beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful woman… such an inspiration. May she rest in peace and may her family and friends find comfort and strength.

  6. D'vorah Klein

    As a woman who lost her mother to cancer, I will give a seemingly strange response. I envy her children.
    While they are surely bereft and will be so for some time, they were included in her struggle and will remember happy moments and a mother who loved them. Not all people can do what she did. Not all husbands are as supportive.
    I was so gratified to see how much things have changed, how the “frum” community now acknowledges this awful disease and how the medical establishment is now sensitized to caring for the person,not just the illness.
    May the family find true nechama.

  7. Simcha Esther’s story is indeed moving and inspiring.

    As another young mother living with cancer, I related to so much of what she wrote.

    She was full of spunk and full of life and we all have much to learn from how she approached adversity.

    I was amazed (and humbled) by all she was able to accomplish.

    I also struggle to find meaning from my cancer and to raise my experience to a higher purpose.

    I also blog about living with cancer (http://coffeeandchemo.com).

    May Simcha Esther’s memory be a blessing and a light to all who hear her story. “Y’hi zichrah baruch”

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