Inspiring Words from Shula's Grandmother

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I think this is probably the most moving, inspiring, and unforgettable talk I have ever heard. A Jewish Gettysburg Address. Given on the final day of the shiva by Mrs. Miriam Swerdlov, world-famous speaker and grandmother of 3-year-old Shula, of blessed memory.

There are 2 viewing options to see this talk…(click here to see the 2 songs that Mrs. Swerdlov sings for her granddaughter…extremely extremely moving)

1. The 1st version is the 9-minute edited version of the talk, with English translations of Hebrew and Yiddish terms. Men may also listen to it (it is Kol Isha-free)

2. This is the incredible, full, unedited 13-minute version (divided into two parts). This version contains Kol Isha, and is intended for WOMEN ONLY PLEASE! No translations of Yiddish and Hebrew provided.


  1. Nechama Ginzberg

    Awesome! There is an old Yiddish saying: “Dos eppaleh falt nisht veit foon boim” in other words, “The apple doesn’t fall
    far from the tree.” If this is the faith demonstrated by her grandmother and her parents, one can only imagine the strength of Shula’s soul. May she continue to’poil alus gut far K’lal Yisroel!

  2. Could you please repost or email me a link to the video? Thanks

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