A Great Idea! A Postpartum Doula!

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The postpartum period for me is always really overwhelming and things get pretty out of control in the Weisberg home.

So, thank G-d, I am blessed with an amazing mother-in-law who comes here from Canada for every birth to basically take over my home and family for the month following my birth. And when she leaves…I STILL totally fall apart.

So this week, when I got an email from a mailing list member with the signature “Postpartum Doula” I wrote back right away to hear about this incredible-sounding newfound (at least by me) profession…

This woman (named Devora Strauss from Beit Shemesh) explained that a postpartum doula is certified to help the mother of a newborn baby in accordance with the individual needs of her particular family. She can provide, for example…

-education for new moms on nursing, babycare,  and other mothering-related topics

-A listening ear, validation, and support

-light housekeeping

-Referrals to consultants and therapists, when necessary.

I think this is the coolest idea, that could do so much good for so many moms and families following a birth. To find a postpartum doula in Israel you can visit www.BinahBaby.com

I don’t know about a similar site to locate postpartum doulas outside of Israel, but now that you know this wonderful profession exists and even has a name, you can search for a postpartum doula in your community as well. (An amazing resource for this kind of search as well as everything else is Imamother.com- the uber bulletin-board for the Orthodox Jewish mom)

Also, here is a really great video about a master postpartum doula and how she saved one drowning postpartum family…

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  1. Ik this post is very old, but do you by chance have any contact information at this time? I am desperate for some relief, I’m barely one week post pardum and completely losing it. The website binababy is not working for me.

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