My Vote for This Year's Top Chanukah Videos!

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Every Chanukah, my inbox gets filled with the year’s funniest and best new Chanukah videos… I wanted to share my favorites so far from this year…

Neil Young Sings Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song
This new version of an oldie but goodie brought a big smile to this Jewish mom’s face…

The Mormon Senator’s Chanukah Song
Senator Orrin Hatch is a devout Mormon, but he really, truly loves Jews. He serves on the Board of Directors of the US Holocaust Museum, wears a mezuza around his neck, and says that sometimes he feels sorry he wasn’t simply born a Jew. You might not love his songwriting, but three cheers for this senator who loves Chanukah so much! I found this video moving, even Messianic– may we soon build a house of prayer for ALL the nations.

[vimeo 7971216]

Chanukah with the Rebbes
This video is the holy of holies. Chassidic Rebbes lighting Chanukah candles. Gevaldt!

60-Seconds of Sufgania
I made this video last year, but I am especially enjoying it this year, because it ends with footage of the Weisberg cuties eating sufganiyot, so I get to enjoy last year’s missing teeth, and bangs in need of cutting, and bouncing one-year olds. Nachas is like cheese (they even sound alike!)- they get better with age.


  1. Hadassah Aber

    I liked the last 2 – wish the one about the Rebbe’s had their names in English or at least slower so they could be read. Could do with out the Neil Diamond version. who cares who is Jewish if that is the only thing that is important about them. I liked Orrin Hatch’s song. well done.
    Happy Chanukah.

  2. Thank you for sending us the video of the rebbes. Talk about Pirsumei Nisa!!

  3. Still inspired by these. Watched the Senator’s video, and at the shot of the script, I was impressed to note that the thrust of the song is about the miracle of the oil, rather than the war. Yup, that’s where it’s at – a pure jug of untainted Kedusha. Gotta love the irony…

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