A Funny Video about becoming a Living Menorah…

Did you know that on Chanukah we don’t only need to light a Menorah, we’re supposed to BECOME a Menorah! We’re supposed to light up our faces with a sincere smile to bring joy to our kids, our husbands, our families, and the world.

But Chanukah is long, and is there any mom reading this whose smile hasn’t nearly run out of oil as we approach the end of these 8 days of frying and serving and occupying our on-vacation young ones?

So here is a surprise flask of oil for you moms to help you make it to the end of Chanukah with smiles on your faces. This funny and moving video is a powerful reminder of just how much each one of us has the power to become a Living Menorah and bring light to those around us. Whether that place is in a parking garage or with your very own family in your living room.


  1. That was AMAZING. Thanks! You know, you give so much of your time and energy to encouraging other Jewish Moms…consider yourself validated!

  2. I saw this a few years ago. This time I noticed the lesson of how a giving person also needs to receive, some of the kindness he sows. Thanks for the opportunity to “chazzer!” And to tear up once again. Sheer magic. Including how the writer managed to encapsulate the entire story, including music and chase scene, into 16 minutes! Bravo!

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