The Invisible Woman

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This woman isn’t Jewish, but I personally nominate her for honorary JewishMOM status. This funny/moving/inspirational video is the mommy peptalk of the year and required viewing for every Jewish mom…

[Thanks to my buddy Gittl of Nachlaot for sending me this video. Have a video you’ve just got to share with Jewish moms around the world? Please send it to me at]


  1. Awesome!

  2. Wow, that was inspiring. It’s nice to hear things from different viewpoint. How often are we told – building a Mikdash Me’at… all the details are important…

    This woman shares the same message, but it is framed from an alien perspective. It sheds new meaning in this light.

    I am not invisible.

    Thank you.

  3. Bracha Silverberg

    HI! I just stumbled upon this post (don’t know why I didn’t see it 3 years ago when you originally put it up) and liked it a lot, it really does guve chizuk (encouragement). I googled her, have you read her book “Fresh Brewed Life: A Stirring Invitation to Wake Up Your Soul” though aimed at non- Jews it seems very Jewish in the message (at least from the reviews). It looks like the kind of book you would mention on this website. If you read it, would you recommend it?

  4. Thank you, Bracha Silverberg for commenting on this post, which caused it to show up on home page and allow me to see it right now. This is exactly what I needed right now.

  5. Liked most of the video. Not sure how I feel about her conclusion – the idea that it is okay for your labour and investment to go completely unnoticed, unmentioned, and unappreciated – even by your adult children. I teach my kids to be grateful for what they are given – and to notice that it is a blessing. Mostly we say thank you Hashem for X – but we also say thank you Ima, Abba, whomever to acknowledge the person who is Hashem’s kli/servant for making stuff happen.

    Also, I think it is a bad idea to give family members the impression that it is okay to ignore Ima…or anyone…

    • Sure, but it’s a good idea for MOM to learn to be OK without the acknowledgement. Even for her to find meaning in her invisibility. At the same time as she teaches her family how to express gratitude, she can train herself to act altruistically.

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