The Japanese Water Crystal Mystery

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This video is pretty wild stuff. A Japanese scientist named Masaru Emoto froze water after saying beautiful words like “gratitude” and “love” and the resulting ice crystals are beautiful. Then he froze water after saying ugly phrases like “You make me sick, I’ll kill you” and “Hitler” and the ice crystals turned out all messed up and ugly.

Emoto and his revolutionary findings are controversial. Some people find this water crystal research life-altering, and some people think it is a Mt. Fuji high load of wasabi.

But the truth is it really doesn’t matter if the findings are true or not, since we Jews already now that its implications are 100% right on. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but oh boy can words eternally hurt me…or heal me. G-d’s house was destroyed because we misused words, and the entire world itself was created with them.

Seeing these crystals reminded me of this, and of the tremendous responsibility I have as a mom to chose that my mouth will be a tool of blessing rather than a weapon. Even when I’m tired and/or hungry. Even when I’m grouchy and that kid has been pushing all my buttons. Even when I’m stressed out and nothing whatsoever is going my way.

My goal: To feel the sting of regret BEFORE I lose control of my tongue, rather than when it’s already too late.

Check out this cool video about Emoto’s crystal experiment (the best part is the photos of the water crystals about a minute and a half after it starts)


  1. This reminds me of the well known Chassidic aphorism, in the original Yidish, “Tracht gut vet zein gut” –
    Think good and it will be good. YOu will see this phrase on car bumpers throughout Israel, in the Hebrew – “Tachshov Tov V’yiyeh Tov!”
    What a wonderful example of this teaching. Thank you for sharing, Chana!

  2. Shehakol nihye bidvarei is the blessing we make on WATER. Wow!
    PS. Words were typed on paper and stuck on. Not even the vibration of the spoken words. Hmm interesting…can water read or the kavono, the intent was transfered.
    Beautiful photos. We should sell love necklaces made of crystal.
    A yiddishe mamas kop.

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