Moshiach's Hat

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If you know some Hebrew, this anonymous poem I just discovered is a must-read. So sad. So true.

(A Poem To Ponder)
By Anonymous ben Kolonymous (who else?)

‘T was the night of the Geulah, — And in every single Shtiebel
Sounds of Torah could be heard — Coming from every kind of Yeedel.

This one in English, — Some in Hebrew, some in Yiddish.
Some saying P’shat — And some saying a Chiddish.

And up in Shamayim–The Aibishter decreed:
“The time has come — For My children to be freed.

“Rouse the Moshiach — From his heavenly berth.
Have him get in his chariot, — And head down to earth.

“The Moshiach got dressed — And with a heart full of glee,
Went down to earth and entered — the first Shtiebel he did see.

“I am the Moshiach! — Hashem has heard your plea!
Your Geulah has come! — It’s time to go free!

“They all stopped their learning; — This was quite a surprise.
And they look at him carefully, — With piercing sharp eyes

“He’s not the Moshiach!” — Said one with a grin,
“Just look at his hat, — At the pinches and brim!”

“That’s right!” cried another — With a grimace and frown,
“Whoever heard of Moshiach, — With a brim that’s turned down?”

“Well,” thought Moshiach, — “If this is the rule,
I’ll turn my brim up — Before I go to the next shul.”

So he walked right on over — To the next shul in town.
Sure to be accepted, — Since his brim was no longer down.

“I’m, the Moshiach!” he cried, — As he began to enter
But the Jews wanted to know first — If he was Left Right or Center

“Your clothes are so black!” — They cried out in fright.
“You can’t be Moshiach–You’re much too far right!”

“If you want to be Moshiach, — You must be properly outfitted.
“So they replaced his black hat — With a Kippah that was knitted.

Wearing his new Kippah, — Moshiach went out and said:
“No difference to me — What I wear on my head.

“So he went to the next shul, — For his mission was dear.
But he was getting frustrated — With the Yidden down hear.

“I’m the Moshiach!” he cried, — And they all stopped to stare,
And a complete eerie stillness — Filled up the air.

“You’re the Moshiach?! — Just imagine that!
Whoever heard of Moshiach — Without a black hat?”

“But I do have a hat!” — The Moshiach then said.
So he pulled it right out — And plunked it down on his head.

Then the shul started laughing, — And one said ” Where’s your kop?
You can’t have Moshiach — With a brim that’s turned up!

If you want to be Moshiach — And be accepted in this town,
“Put some pinches in your hat — And turn that brim down!”

Moshiach walked out and said: — “I guess my time hasn’t come.
I’ll just return — To where I came from.

“So he went to his chariot, — But as he began to enter,
All sorts of Jews appeared — From the Left, Right, and Center.

“Please wait – do not leave. — It’s all their fault!” they said,
And they pointed to each other — And to what was on each other’s head.

Moshiach just looked sad — And said, ” You don’t understand.”
And then started up his chariot — To get out of this land.

“Yes, it’s very wonderful — That you all learn Torah,
But you seem to have forgotten — A crucial part of our Mesorah.

“What does he mean?” — “What’s he talking about?”
And they all looked bewildered, — And they all began to shout.

Moshiach looked back and answered, — “The first place to start,
Is to shut up your mouths — And open your hearts.

“To each of you, certain Yidden — Seem too Frum or too Frei,
But all Yidden are beloved — in the Aibishter’s eye.”

And on his way up he shouted: — ” If you want me to come,
Try working a little harder — On some Ahavat Chinam!”


  1. This NEEDS to be made into a children’s book with illustrations.

  2. This NEEDS to be made into an ADULTS’ book with illustrations.

  3. Mashiach’s Hat by Rabbi Yitzchok Feigenbaum principal of Tiferes Bais Yaakov of Toronto, written a few yrs ago [2008?] for Purim. His daughter-in-law is my friend’s daughter. If you need additional info, ask me.

    • it couldn’t have been written in 2008(?) I saw this at least 23 years ago, a friend of mine (OB”M) had this hanging on his office wall

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