The Top Song of the Decade!

Radio Kol Chai, Israel’s most popular religious radio station declared this hit Passover song the BEST SONG of the DECADE!

We were especially happy to hear that “Hee She’amda” had won, since it was written by Nachlaot’s own Yonatan Razel (AKA Rivki’s abba, especially renowned in the Weisberg home for his critically-acclaimed recent concert at Gan Rachel v’Leah, my 4-year-old Moriah’s nursery school). Enjoy!

Also, enjoy this great, catchy new Pesach tune by the Kerner Family…

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  1. Hadassah Aber

    I just love this song, it is so uplifting! makes me feel like soaring above all the evil out there, knowing that Hashem will come through for us. Moshiach Now!

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