Believe it or Not! Diaper Change with Feet

Sarah Kovac is a 26-year-old mother of a newborn son who suffers from a debilitating disability that prevents her from using her hands. The following video, featured on CNN, shows Sarah changing her son’s diaper, with her feet! When I saw this video, I couldn’t peel my eyes away from the screen, this is amazing stuff.

Why do I think it’s so important for me to learn about how these incredible moms with disabilities manage to raise and care for their children, despite the Great Wall of China of challenges that stands in their way? There are two main reasons:

One: Seeing moms like Susan Kovac is such a powerful reminder for me of all the things for which I should be grateful, but rarely am. I watch this video, and gratitude erupts out of me like ash out of that volcano in Iceland, “Thank you G-d for these healthy hands which can hold a child, for these healthy legs which can go on a walk with a child, for these healthy eyes which allow me to watch my children grow, and for these healthy ears that can hear my children speak to me and to each other.”

“I know it’s a little bit late for this, but thank you, G-d, for EVERYTHING!”

Two: This video provides me with something every mom desperately needs in elephant doses in order to maintain her happiness and her sanity– PERSPECTIVE! After witnessing the cheerfulness with which Sarah Kovac changes her son’s diaper with her feet, what struggle, lack, or minor or even major irritation in my life can I possibly, rightfully complain about!

Photo courtesy of user dynet


  1. Hadassah Aber

    I had seen a video a few years ago about another mom who had no arms and did all things with her feet as well. including driving. (So I originally thought this was the same video.) Where there is a will, we find a way. We have so much to be thankful for!

  2. The other idea here is the credit to the parents who raised the children without arms. They believed in their abilities to do everything with their feet or other body parts, and this was given over to the children. (I’ve seen two other videos of moms without hands – so there are at least three moms out there like this. For these women, their feet became their hands.)

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