Rivka bat Yael Razel Update: Rivki's Talking!

It’s been 3 whole weeks since I sent a Rivka bat Yael Razel Update, which means that I, thank G-d, have three weeks worth of incredible news to share.

-Three weeks ago, Rivki’s doctors at Alin Hospital decided that Rivki’s condition was stable enough for her to leave the hospital in order to spend Shabbats at home with her family. Rivki’s parents and little sisters, Chana and Shoshana, have been so overjoyed to have her home for the last three Shabbats!

-Two weeks ago, Rivki started pronouncing syllables. For example, she could fill in the final syllables of words from the Kiddush, “V’Shamru bnei Yisra…” and Rivki would finish off the word with “EL!”

-Yesterday I ran into Savta Carol, Rivki’s grandmother, and she told me some more incredible news. Rivki is TALKING! She can say, for example, “Good Morning!” “Hello Eema!” “Where is Savta?” “I’m hungry” and she has even started reciting blessings over food. She clearly recognizes the people around her and communicates with them. Rivki’s speech is still very slow and somewhat slurred, but this is a tremendous breakthrough.

Please take a moment to recite the short chapter of Psalms below for a speedy, complete and miraculous recovery for Rivka bat Yael. G-d willing, may the Razels have more good news to share with us in the coming weeks!


  1. Ali Gutfreund

    Hodu Lashem!! Tremendous news and so wonderful to hear this update. Please keep us updated. What a tremendous nes that she is recovering so well. Please H, it should continue.

  2. gittel nadel

    what a bracha !hodu lashem
    such great news

  3. Overjoyed to hear this! Yishtabach Shemo!

  4. shoshanasheiner

    great news– keep up the good work!!!! G-d!!!

  5. Sharon Saunders

    Ruti and I have Rivka in our thoughts and prayers daily. We are overjoyed at the progress she is doing and just know that this is just the beginning.

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