Evian Babies now in YIDDISH! And more…

This is really adorable! The famous Evian babies rollerskating video now in YIDDISH! Who would have thought?

This video of the children of the Chabad emissaries all over the world brought tears to my eyes. We owe Chabad such a tremendous debt of gratitude for everything they do every day for the Jewish people. And just think of the self-sacrifice of these families and these young children living in all these far-flung places in order to bring the light of Judaism to lost Jews all over the world. (I even just found out that they are about to open up a Chabad house in my husband’s Canadian, Jewish wasteland of a hometown, Kingston, Ontario! Amazing!)


  1. What a beautiful video!!

  2. Hadassah Aber

    really loved the second video about the kids and their families around the world.

  3. NCSY used to go to Kingston, I’m not sure about now, but I was in the shul 10 years ago 🙂

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