The Steipler’s 4 Mothering Rules

Yoel’s new teacher, Ganenet Mindy, just passed out these 4 parenting tips from the Steipler Gaon (Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky):

The Steipler Gaon taught:

1. Children who grow up in a home where the mother says every word of her prayers will understand Mishna and Gemara better than any other child.
2. If a mother prays every day and raises her eyes to Heaven, her children will be more successful than other children.
3. A mother’s recitation out loud of the blessing “Shehakol Nihyeh b’Dvaro” in her home does more to educate a child than any educational tape in the world.
4. Children who grow up in a home where the mother recites out loud Birkat Hamazon, the blessing after meals, will be guarded from illnesses, car accidents, and will receive tremendous protection from Heaven.

Several times over the years I’ve received the excellent advice to try to become just 1% better every day. So maybe each of us can try to take on just one of these tips from now until Rosh Hashana? I think I’m going to try the one about saying the “SheHakol” blessing out loud…What about you?


  1. debbie shapiro

    Thank you! I’ve heard this before, but nothing like a good reminder.

  2. Rachael Leah

    Chana Jenny, we named my third son Yaakov Yisrael after the Steipler tz”l. It’s so nice to hear some of his teachings! Thank you for inspiring and teaching how powerful we truly are!

  3. I really loved this. The simple meaning and common thread behind these trinkets of eternal wisdom is that the best education and protection we can give our children is EMUNA, faith in G-d.

  4. What does it mean, the mother says every word of her prayers? That she says it out loud? In front of the children? She says all the tefillos? She enunciated properly?

  5. i believe you left out the contiuation of the letter which are also important see the original hebrew

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