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Follow your passion.*

Do what you love and do it with everything you’ve got.

For me, inspiring you Jewish moms is my passion. My yeud. My mission in life.

After I gave birth 2 months ago, I received a few really sweet, kind Emails from moms on my weekly mailing list advising me that I should take a longer “maternity leave” from my blog in order to rest up and get my energy back. What those well-intentioned moms didn’t understand is that working on this blog doesn’t drain me of energy, in fact, the opposite is true.

Making you moms smile every week is what makes me smile. Inspiring you every week is what inspires me.

But I would like to ask you a small favor, dear Jewish moms.

If this blog has helped you at any point over the past year, I would like to request that you help me to reach more moms by telling 5 other Jewish moms about this blog and my weekly newsletter.

All you need to do is press this button and start sharing:

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At present, 800 Jewish moms subscribe to this blog’s weekly Email newsletter. My dream is to have 1600 weekly newsletter subscribers by Chanukah.

That means we’re already half way there! But I can’t make this dream a reality without your help.

So please help to spread the word to 5 other mothers so that I can better fulfill my purpose in this world, and so that more Jewish moms out there can be happier Jewish moms. Your friends (and I) will thank you for it.

*Quoted from Joseph Campbell.
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  1. hi Chana,

    I posted to my facebook page, recommending that everyone sign up. I hope it works. You’ll have to keep us updated on it!

    kol tuv,

  2. Hadassah Aber

    i posted it with a great recommendation on my facebook profile. Thanks for making it so easy. you are amazing and real – so inspiring. keep up all your great work.
    Tizki L’mitzvos and lots and lots of nachas

  3. Rishe Deitsch

    I don’t generally open about 90% of the emails I receive. But I never skip yours, Chana Jenny Weisberg. I get some of my best material for the N’shei Chabad Newsletter right here on this weekly email! May G-d bless you and give you continued strength. Wishing you and your husband much nachas from all the little ones and from yourselves.
    Rishe Deitsch

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